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Festivals etiquette: How to actually enjoy pet friendly events

With all the upcoming summer and fall local events in your area, it is very likely that you are tempted to visit as many of these events as you can and spend as much time outdoors socializing with friends and other members of your community, right?

But what about your beloved dog? They too deserve to be spending fun time outdoors socializing with other dogs and people.

Get ready for going to a summer festival with your dog

Thank goodness, more event organizers are making their festivities dog-friendly these days. Of course, it is recommended that you always check with the organizers whether or not you can bring along your four-legged friends with you to a particular event beforehand.

Once you find out that it is perfectly OK for you to bring your dog along with you to an event, here are some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming experience:

  • Bring only socialized dogs to a public event. This is essential for the good of your dog, as well as for you, for other dogs and for the other event goers as well.
  • Ensure that your dog has all vaccinations done. This again is for their own good, as well as for other dog’s good.
  • Bring along your dog gear. A short (4ft.) leash will keep your dog close and in control at all times. Also, bring water, a bowl, some treats and of course the poop bags with you.
  • Pay attention to your pet at all times. If it starts showing signs of nervousness, you should take it back home. You can always return after that without it.
  • Be careful with the people around the dog. Watch for any behavior which can startle or antagonize your dog and which can lead to incidents such as biting or aggression.
  • Beware of other dogs. It is a good idea to keep a distance from other dogs, because these events tend to be noisy and crowded which can lead to higher stress and agitation in dogs. You don’t want your dog to get into a fight with another one and to ruin everybody’s day, right?
  • Enjoy yourself. Make sure that both you and your furry friend enjoy the event. Go around and look for a fun zone or dog food booth which your dog will surely enjoy.

Going to a fun event with your dog is a superb experience. This way you get to share the fun time enjoying yourself with your pet, instead of leaving it home alone!

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