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    Festivals etiquette: How to actually enjoy pet friendly events

    With all the upcoming summer and fall local events in your area, it is very likely that you are tempted to visit as many of these events as you can and spend as much time outdoors socializing with friends and other members of your community, right?

    But what about your beloved dog? They too deserve to be spending fun time outdoors socializing with other dogs and people.

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    How to survive a summer festival with your dog

    Summer festivals are great fun, but if you have a dog you may feel guilty about leaving it home alone instead of spending time outdoors with you. So, why not take your dog to the festival with you? Here is a list of pet friendly events you might find interesting. I love taking my Shih Tzu to summer festivals. It’s great bonding!

    Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself and your dog for a summer festival as well as tips for festival organizers about making their events pet-friendly.

    Tips for pet owners:

    • Make sure you check with the organizers of the festival whether you can bring along your dog with you.
    • Bring all of your dog gear which you think you will need. This includes water, treats, food, a bowl for the water and poo disposal bags.
    • Bring your dog on a short (4ft) reliable leash. Be responsible and control it at all times, especially around people and other dogs.
    • Keep an eye on your dog. Is it starting to look nervous or agitated? Does it look tired or thirsty? Is it happy or does it want to go home? Follow the signs which your dog is giving you via its body language, and if necessary go ahead and take it home for its own good.
    • Don’t attempt to take a shy, anxious or non-socialized dog to a festival – this could be a seriously traumatizing experience for both you and your dog.
    • Prepare beforehand – grooming included. Pets with double or thick coats, may require some grooming before hand. Use your trusted pet groomer or DIY if you have the experience. I used these electric shih tzu clippers and achieved a great haircut for my dog, but if you lack the skill I strongly urge you to use professional services.
    • Don’t let your dog eat the human food or beverages offered at the festival. Bring its own food, because many human foods and drinks are dangerous and unhealthy for your dog, including onions, garlic, coffee, nuts and others.

    Tips for pet-friendly festival planners:

    • Place signs encouraging responsible dog ownership, such as signs for using leashes, picking up poop and others.
    • Have water bowls and containers available for your canine guests. This is especially important during the scorching hot summer days.
    • Offer free waste bags and waste disposal stations to encourage community hygiene and a comfortable experience for all festival-goers.
    • Provide shady spots where dogs can rest. You can set up a tent which is open for pups whenever they need to get out of the scorching sun. Set up at least one such comfort station with shade and water available.
    • Inform pet owners if you are planning on using fireworks or other pyrotechnics because some dogs get extremely frightened by

    So, go ahead and plan your fun summer and the festivals where you can enjoy yourself along with your dog!