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Attending a summer festival with your dog? Here is what you need to know

With record-breaking high temperatures expected this summer, many festival goers are struggling with preparing their dogs for the experience.

Here are some tips on preparing for a summer festival with your dog, and what to pack before you go.

First of all, check with the festival planners whether their event is pet-friendly or not before you take off with your dog to attend it.

Then, consider whether this specific festival is right for your dog. Some dogs are more social than others. Some dogs are shy and can quickly get anxious and agitated when surrounded by noisy crowds and around loud music. So, make sure you deliberate about the pros and cons of taking your dog with you to the festival or not. If your dog is not happy – you will most likely have a hard time enjoying yourself at the festival too.

Keep the temperatures and weather forecasts in mind. You may feel OK listening to your favorite band or dancing under the scorching sun at noon, or enjoy a wild night, but how will your dog take all this?

There are some pertinent questions to ask yourself before taking your dog to a summer festival this year:

  • Have you taken your dog to a festival before?
  • Is your dog used to camping?
  • Does your dog get bothered by loud music, crowds, and pyrotechnics?
  • Would you consider leaving your dog in a tent or van alone and how will it cope?
  • Are you prepared for a pet emergency, such as the dog cutting its paw or getting sick from something bad at the festival?

Other serious considerations such as dog food, sleeping arrangements, water, toilet duty and others need to be carefully thought out prior to the festival as well.

If you feel secure that your dog will feel well and will actually enjoy a pet-friendly festival, here are some ideas for this summer in the UK.

Summer dog festivals in the UK:

  • Asparafest – Evesham, Worchestire
  • Busfest – Malvern Showground (September 7-9)
  • Chiddfest – Chiddingly, East Sussex (July 27-29)
  • Curious Art Festival – Lymington, Hampshire (July 20-22)
  • England’s Medieval Festival – Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex (August 25-27)
  • Green Gathering, Piercefield Park, Chepstow (August 2-5)
  • Good life Experience – Flintshire (September)
  • Lakefest – Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire (August 9-12)

Hopefully, these pet-friendly festivals will provide your dog with pet safe places with shade, water, and waste bags, but just in case, make sure you pack all these, along with food and treats just in case.

Have a safe and fun summer with your dog!

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